Why I Quit Homeschooling...

I don’t ever want to be the one who would encourages you to quit something.

Especially quitting homeschooling!

However, I would love to be your cheerleader if you are feeling like you need a change in your homeschool routine.

Are you feeling burnt out?

Tired of schoolwork before you even begin?

Is it getting harder and harder to fight the battles with your kids to get their schoolwork done?

I have been there! I was so there and to tried to keep going. Only to find myself yelling at my kids more and more. And falling down the rabbit hole of social media more often than not.

So… I quit! Let’s be real: I honest already had mentally.

When I decided to throw in the towel, it was a Tuesday night and that Monday before, I had yet again two kids sick. I had every intention Monday morning to continue schooling as soon as we were all better. (I mean I Instagramed it so it must have been true, lol) Something happened that Tuesday that I felt truly incapable to go on.

I hit a new low!

I didn’t know if I would be enrolling my kids in public school for the next traditional school year? Doing Classical Conversations? I questioned non-schooling, because why does a 8 year old really need to know how to breakdown a sentence? My mind was all over the place.

My kids were feeling better on Wednesday and I continued to still do our daily routine, (only because momma’s house still needs to be clean) just the time we would do school the kids played and played. Day one of no school was a piece of cake!

Day two was also great, for we had a field trip previously planned, which took our morning up and all went well the rest of the day.

Friday was a TV day, that the kids did fine just because they had the TV to watch them. I had already had this day planned to be light, I was going to focus on planting more grass seed in our backyard.

Week one done - no big deal. I started to feel like, I liked my kids again.

By the time the weekend came, the seeds of hope that we could maybe continue doing homeschooling again were planted. That weekend I researched and considered doing more of an unschooling approach.

The next week hit and half way into it, I wanted to pull my hair out. I honestly may have a little.

My kids were at each other’s throats about every little thing all day long! I could not handle hearing; “so and so did this”, “It was his fault!”, “No! She did it!” and on and on.

I was back to square one. What do I do?

Unschooling was now definitely out of the picture! My kids needed more structure than what they were getting currently. But, I as their parent and homeschooling teacher did not want to go back to what we were doing before. I didn’t want to school and keep schooling week after week only to get burnt out again. To get to this low point, where I wanted to quit year after year! No way, was I coming back here!

That landed me on year schooling and Sabbath schooling. How I got here was I still liked my kids, remember week one when the Lord planted those seeds. Being the complicated girl I am, I am going to combine these two styles this upcoming school year.

Which for us, if you are reading this the day this blog post goes live, our new school year starts today. New and improve homeschooling schedule (which I promise to dive into more in detail in a later post) with mainly more breaks throughout the year.

I couldn’t be more thrilled and filled to the max with excitement, I have so many great reason’s to starting our school year after the Easter holiday, that I know from here on out it is going to work for not only me but my children as well.

Thank you again for coming along with my family and I as we brave this homeschooling ride and living our lives against the grain. Through this blog I pray that you will find encouragement through our homeschooling journey and can take that joy into your homes.