Weekly Schedule

I contemplated for a long while what we were going to do when it came to the subjects I wanted to do for school. Would we do each one a little every day? Only some of them daily? Every other day? I even made pros and cons lists, discussed it with my husband and watched YouTube video after YouTube video on how others run their school at home on a weekly basis.


It came down to what I remember was the most fun for me as their teacher through out the years. I am a theme person tried and true. Down to when we do laundry and what we eat for dinner on what day's. Everything has a theme or rhythm. My brain just functions that way. I believe also that's the key to any well ran homeschool.

Know who you are as their teacher and do what works best for you!


Therefore this year we have a theme to our days. I did this for our last school year and really let it fall to the wayside. Looking back at some of the best months we had homeschooling, we also had theme days assigned. It didn't mean we only did one thing each day, but I had a focus on what I wanted to make sure we got done.

For our 2018-2019 weekly schedule it is going to look like this:

Calendar Monday

Make-it Tuesday

Wacky Wednesday

Thinking Thursday

Fabulous Fun Fridays


Monday: This is a morning we spend together going over our week, plans we may or may not have. The kids will plan in their planners. That way when they want to ask me what we are going to do one morning or if we are leaving the house for the day, I can tell them to look in their planners. We do not do  any handwriting practice or copy work on these day's normally, because they have done it already in their planners.

Tuesday: It never fails Monday we take it slow and steady and when Tuesday rolls around we are complaining that we have to do a full day's worth of work. I do try very hard on Tuesday's to get all our subjects in. Therefore I am trying to make it fun and not seem like they are doing to much school and incorporate a craft or we will cook something fun in the kitchen. A little truth for a sec - I am really not naturally good at cooking with my kids or bringing out the crafts for them. I find if I make it a priority every week I seem to be better at it.

Wednesday: I am going to dedicate hump day, to a day we can either stay in our pj's all morning or take the morning to finish any crafts from the previous day. I am calling it wacky, because we will do whatever fits in our schedule for the week on this day. Whether it's lots of school or we need a brain break so we go to the park all morning? Wacky seemed like a better word then chaos. 

Thursday: Thinking Thursday is also what we did before. It is library day for us. We try to get there about every other week. Our library is small, but they do a fun story time with a craft for the kids on Thursday morning that we love. Then we spend the afternoon reading all our new books. It's a day where I will continue read a loud's, or we start our new ones.

Friday: We are going to continue the fabulous fun days where we will make up any work we need to do in the morning really quick and schedule fun field trips, play dates, etc. We also wind down for the week and get ready for Sunday Fun-day with Dad. Anything goes on fabulous Fridays! I also usually will leave this day blank in my planner so that we do go and do something spontaneous.

I hope this helps you to think of fun ways to incorporate into your school week schedule, as well as help you as a homeschool mom focus on what brings out the best in you and your kids.

Thanks again for stopping by,