Saturday Diaries ep.2

Y’all we are three weeks in our homeschool year and THIS WEEK WAS VERY HARD!

I am feeling very overwhelmed with life and all the things right now. All I am thinking of is all the things!

I currently as I write this have four piles of clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away scattered throughout my house, not counting the loads already in the washer and dryer. The thing is, I used to be great at laundry. Side note - the dishes were my thing I never would get done, now kids do the dishes, but there is usually always dishes in my sink.

I failed at preschool this week also because I lacked to have a plan. I have an idea to fix this however, that I am excited to share with you soon.

We did not school on Monday because my husband was off and that was all okay. Tuesday and Wednesday were decent. Thursday I was supposed to get my car back; oh’ because the air conditioner was broken (roll of eyes because we are already in the 90’s here) and it was library day. As we walked into the library they were fixing a spot in the roof in the kid area and had it blocked off a little. They still had story time and a craft that took place in another location in the library which was nice. The down side is we didn’t get any new books and that had us coming back on Friday. I did get half the kids bathroom clean, dusted and vacuumed on Friday. There is that!

Thursday and Friday were hard emotionally because I have a daughter who is 7 going on 18. To put the icing on the cake, and this maybe "tmi" however  we are all friends here, I am slowly weening my 17 month old and that has hit me with all the feels.

My brain was so unfocused this week thinking that I seriously couldn’t focus on a single task. I am at a place where I want to do all the things all the time. But, just like I tell my seven year old –

There is a time and a place for everything! 

I am telling you all this to say; it is not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. We honestly had some really fun memories doing other things. Other things not including sit down school work and some weeks have to be that way. Sunday will come and we will get the house work caught up like always as well as have a homeschool planning sesh


If you had a week that was not as nearly productive as you wanted it to be, know that it doesn’t define you or your ability as a homeschool mom and if you are lucky enough to wake up Monday try to do better. I know I will be trying harder next week to get the priorities back on track.  

Over and Out