Saturday Diaries ep.1

Happy weekend friend,

As I write this I am laying in bed snuggling my two youngest girls. Reflecting back onto what feels like was a crazy week. It was our first week back into this homeschooling thing and man was it exhausting. Exhausting in ways that I was not even expecting. I know I would be mentally drained and have struggles with getting work done. However the emotional drain-ness hit me as if I got hit by a semi truck! Every year I take it slow ease back into things and that's also what I advice other to do. We only had three weeks off and for some reason I didn’t feel the need to do that. I am not the smartest as times. 

Day one was okay, we were super slow in doing everything and that made our school day super long. I don’t think we ended until like 2pm? It didn’t help that one of  the thirty minute breaks I had planned turned into an hour and a half break either. I got way to caught up in yard work and have no one else to blame but myself. The time we ended is not a big deal to me as much as we did school for like 5 plus hours and that part is not normal for us

Day two: we got our act together and did much better. Our services were done by 8am and got a good start with circle time. (services is what our family calls chores) We went into our morning table work and than right after met some friends at the library. Which turned into a lunch date too, but we all had fun. I had planned on doing some science after quiet/nap time but, we got home too late and naps lasted too long. I didn’t feel like it when they all woke up.


Wednesday came and to sum that day up: it was a struggle! A struggle with attitudes, a struggle with getting school work. All around the day was hard to get through. Days like this would be a day we should have just quit and started again tomorrow. But my thinking was, it was our first week back and we needed to get on a good start. Clearly I was not sane because trying to struggle through a day is not getting a good start!

Thursday was a catch up day because I seriously was not self discipline this week. But y’all we got it all don and it wasn’t a struggle. We enjoyed Thursday. It was fun! We did science and history, we did school part of quite time while the little's were sleeping - but it wasn’t bad at all.

I was reminded of so many good lessons this week as well as not get so down on myself. Because here is the deal: WE GET TO HOMESCHOOL. Thankfully it is still a freedom we have in the United States. We can choose the curriculum we buy and the way we teach it, down to the order we put it in and structure our day. 

I am a very avid planner and love to plan everything. However when it comes time to do our school week - I treat the lesson plans more as a checklist. There is freedom in homeschooling. That is why I am sure many of you homeschool in the first place. If my kids are more into history when we wake up maybe we do a few lessons that day and the next day maybe we break out and do all writing stuff. Some weeks may look more structured than others and some my not. But when it’s all said and done I want my kids to love learning and that may not come from following my plans to a tee!