Past Curriculum

We have used many things throughout the years of our homeschooling journey. This year is the of 2016-2017, what I look back on as our first real "full time" school year. This page does have some affiliate links in bedded into it and you can read my disclaimer here.

Austin Kinder 4/5 I was super relax with and he did school really just when he wanted to…

Math: Math U See – Primer

Reading: All About Reading pre-reading and stated All about Reading level 1


Writing: Handwriting Without Tears – Letters and Numbers for Me

Lilly who was my 1st grader at the time and more on a regular routine doing school 4 days a week

Math: Math U See – Beta


Reading: All About Reading level 2

Spelling: All about Spelling level 1

Writing: Handwriting Without Tears – My Printing Book and have started Printing Power

Subjects we did Together:

Calendar Time - we used printable that I got from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler. We just spent the time talking about the date and weather outside.


Sceince: Apologia – Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day (which by far as been my favorite kids science) 

History and Geography: Tapestry of Grace Primer