How many times a week or even a day do you make an excuse for something?

I have been on the excuse train for the last week or so. I feel like at times there are negative excuses and positive one's - you could whine about a situation and why you don't want to do it or like me, I have been prioritizing yard work over house work. None the less I am making an excuse for not getting certain things done.

Last week I shared on how much I was just super overwhelmed (can see that post here) and I believe is all comes to priorities. This is something I look at a lot in my own life and frequently. The problem being that just because priorities are lined up well, it doesn’t mean nothing else can be added in or changed around in certain seasons.

Some seasons look good with a clean house and well behaved children. It is usually one or the other for me I feel like lol. However, lately I have found as a Wife, a Mother, a Homeschooler, a Friend, a Gardener now, these are all constant in my life. And its hard to balance them all.

I may seem like I am rambling and I am! My excuses lately for not doing all the things is that I am doing all the things and it's ridiculous. I am frankly fed up with it. Fed up with my own self! I miss planning all the things and not just doing them. Last week I left my planner completely blank (It made for a hot mess) I am not sure if I even picked it up once? This week I am going to fill it to the brim.


If you have been feeling a bit overwhelm or catch yourself making excuses for things, write a list of all the things and than divide the things out on a week schedule. You don't have to have a fancy planner it can be on printer paper. You just need to write it down. It takes the guess work out of what needs to be done each day as well as frees up more time in your day, where you can think of fun things to do other than what has to be done.

This is so going to help my week, makes me excited for this week and I hope this helps you get control of all your to do's too!