Changing Our Schedule Mid Year

After the new year I took a deep reflection of our school days. Looking back I realized I was just was going through the motions. We were all used to the curriculum we were using, none of it challenging to teach and it was all open and go.

I was on auto polite!

Then one day seating in the back of Lilly’s afternoon co-op writing class I realized I know, we know known of what she is being taught. Don’t get me wrong I get she is in a class and suppose to be learning new concepts. But this was a light that went of screaming, “she hasn’t even gone over simple writing concepts!”

What have we been doing for our school days?

I couldn’t answer…

I had no idea?

I hate to admit it but it was like a fog that had lifted.

It lifted in a way that I went spiraling into looking for new curriculum and thinking I need to change everything. That’s a post for another day. I found I didn’t need to change EVERYTHING, but we did need to make a few key changes.

The major one was our schedule. It won’t be perfect most days, but it is nice to have direction!

We have a focus or I do each day as well as a complete new morning routine.

The thing is the kids were bored too and though it was a complete overhaul the kids needed it and we are are loving the change!

Is there is a change you want to make in your homeschool day?

The best advice I can give you is look at the season your in. We are in a transitional season (as we don't have any newborns in the house and none on the way) and having a new routine is just what we needed the second of this school year.

I will post our new detailed schedule soon