How I take a slow start back from a break

Taking a slow start back into homeschooling is easier than you think.

All I do is take a full day and split it into two. You could even split a full day into three days if you wanted to.

Slow is the name of this game and the point of this is to get our minds back into school mode. Now, I am not adding science experiences nor a huge art projects in our slow start back.

I am doing a normal simple day with it split up.

Coming from a two week break we definitely needed a slow start back. The way I like to do this is our morning routine one day and our afternoon things or individual work the next day.

You can tell I didn’t even bother to write too much in my planner. Just enough to remind me I need to do school.


The Thursday this last week (or the week you want to start) we did our morning work. We cracked open our new language arts book and did a easy writing lesson from Write Shop.

Having something new is always a good idea to help the kids get excited to start school back up again too.

Even if it’s a subject they don’t love - it’s new and that is always intriguing.

We are now in level two of First Language Lessons and the kids enjoy this curriculum for the most part. I mean it is still English lessons. On this day we learned a new poem. We sang some fun songs and listen to our memory work.

Next I had the kids do a simple but fun writing assignment. It was all about the funnies. After I had the kids pick out what they thought our funnies books were in our library collection and we ended with fun reading time on the couch, by laughing the day away.

Day 1 to a slow start done!

Friday was a wee bit different for I had some projects I wanted to get down, so I started by reading at breakfast and told the kids they were expected to complete their individual work today whenever they wanted too.

Now there and many things we didn't get to in these two days, but the point is to ease the kids into schooling and even some kind of  a routine again.

I would love to hear if  you hit the ground running again after a long break in your homeschool or do you ease back into things like we do,

in the comments below.