8 book from 2018

These are in no particular order. I love to read and these books by far had the biggest impact in my life this last year.

1. Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - This book by far has the most strong and different views from people. But take it as you may, we can agree to disagree. I loved the advice Rachel gives, as she tells you it straight forward and doesn't beat around the bush. She is honest and truly a great person inside and out.

2. You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons - this book for me couldn't of came to me at a better time. I have not talked much about my mental health this last year, however I definitely have been struggling and this book brought so much truth in my life. As well as giving me hope for the future.

3. Unhurried Grace for a Mom’s Heart, 31 Days in God’s Word by Durenda Wilson - has a homeschool momma you need a few books to speak life into the homeschooling roll you play. This devotional is the pair to the book The Unhurried Homeschooler: a simple, mercifully short book on homeschooling. Short 1-2 page daily devotionals, help connect you with God from a mom of 8 who can relate.

4. She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst - Rescuing the girl in you is the books tagline and man can I just tell you? Throughout the whole book God kept speaking to me and how I am still me and not just all the hats I wear. I am Tawnya - the Tawnya God created to be! Also Chrystal gives you reflection questions for chapter and that’s my favorite. To be able to reflect and dig deeper with God.

5. Preach to Yourself by Hayley Morgan - If I am honest this by far is my favorite of the year. This is my anthem book. I do not have it pictured, because I own it on audio. Struggling this year with my mental health, this book gives practical ways to fight the bad thoughts with the good thoughts you know deep down inside but just are not feeling.

6. Remember God by Annie F. Downs - I didn't read anything about this book before hand. I knew it was by Annie and so I knew I would like it and also have this one on audio. I wasn’t disappointed one bit! With that said, I also was not expecting the book that it was. It was so good in so many ways, of Annie telling her story and how God shows up. How he also dose in our own lives so, many more times than I think we realize.

7. Dream of You by Jo Saxton. This book could be tied for #1 as best books read this year. I am re-reading it currently for January 2019 and watching her video serious. I wrote a couple post ago that I am not a big dreamer and want to change that this new year. This is the perfect book to sit down with your bible, talk to God about where you are and your Dreams for the future. She also write you letters throughout the book and it makes it so personal.  

8. Last but definitely not least I am cheating a little on this one and doing two devotionals for number 8. Because I love Annie I cannot leave out her 100 Days to Brave Devotional out. I started this book on January of 2018 and always referred back to it throughout the year. Another devotional I got toward the end of this last year is by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan called Always Enough/Never Too Much -  I am not all the way through this book for I am not reading it everyday and thought technically since I have not finished it - it doesn't count as a book fully read and I could sneak onto #8. I love how this book is a two for one book. One side you read when you are feel like you are too much and the other side is gear to when you feel like not enough. This book I read more during nap times when I am feeling weary or like the day is getting away from me and I need to fix my eye on Him.


I am curious to hear in the comments below if you are a reader, what were some of the impactful books that you read this last year? And maybe I will have to add them to my 2019 book list. If you are not a reader and want to become one this 2019, any of these books are great place to start for this upcoming year.