What are we doing now…

Did we start our school year over? Have I jumped sails on the whole homeschooling year round idea?

I have talked about year round schooling and I still consider us year round homeschoolers. We started most of our curriculum early this year and no we did not start over. We picked up all that we were doing before and added a few things to it this August. The crazy thing I would love to add two more thing's/programs in to our routine, but that needs to be a conversation for another day. I do feel very much think in terms of it is our second school quarter. I also know this school year will last through the end of April, even though we started our school year back in April.

The major thing that has changed is we joined a co-op. I have not talked to much about it for I am seriously super nervous about the idea. About how my kids will do in a classroom environment all day, one day a week and not being the trouble makers. Not that they normally are the trouble makers, just all the things run thru my head. If the content will be fun for them, will they like it and make new friends?

It is a true co-op in the since all us mom’s will be teaching classes and I have never taught other people’s children with the exception of like church which is to me on a completely different level (easier to me that is). As nervous as I am, I am super blessed to have found these momma’s and excited for all the year has to offer in terms of our homeschool.      

As a homeschooler every year is different; with new grade levels or new babies, toddlers to add to the mix. This school year we not only have co-op starting, we also have my three oldest playing soccer. It is going to be one busy fall terms and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As busy as summer was, going into the school year will be a more structured kind of busy that I am craving. With the kids getting bigger and us as a family moving into a new phase of life (no longer having new born in the house or one on the way) I get butterflies thinking of all the possibilities. It maybe just the fact I have the freedom to do what I want with our days and not be tied down to someone else'd schedule, but life is feeling a whole lot sweeter these days!