Struggling to slow down...

I wanted to hope on today and let you know how our summer is going? We are two weeks in and let me be real honest I am getting antsy. I want to plan all the homeschool stuff.

It makes me laugh cause I swear I was burnt out. But when it’s all you do - all the time, it’s what I seem to gravitate towards. Makes me realize I need a life, lol.

Today is the Fourth of July and we are hanging out at home because I was lucky enough to get me wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Other things we have been up to are; we went on a super fun camping trip for my husband’s birthday, we have been playing many card games and watching way too much TV. It has been amazing!

I struggle if you cannot already tell to slow down and like do nothing. I feel like I am failing in some way or not giving my children the life they deserve. I am trying so hard and reminding myself that rest is necessary and so important! Not only for my me but, for my kids too. During this time of rest, I am really trying to focus on me as a person, who I am and where I want to grow.

I have started a new diet, which is crazy to hear myself say because I have not done a diet since before I was married. Over ten years ago! The last week I have incorporated the Keto lifestyle in our daily diet. I am loving it. The kids are not doing it fully, my husband and I are. I am not strictly doing it as far as I am not counting exact calories yet, but all foods I am eating are keto approve. 

From here; we have another relaxing week coming up and then we are off on a week vacation. As soon as we come back my plan is to start looking at homeschool stuff slowly. I want to make goals for each of my children for the next year and make sure the curriculum is working that we have choose for this school year.      

I am so looking forward to the next few weeks and I am going to try to relax and just be in the moment. I challenge you to do the same. Are you still on summer break? What have you been up too? I would love to hear in the comments below…