First week ever off all Social Media

Let me begin on why I felt like I needed the break. As a mom and a wife I have been a pretty confident women. Just to brag for a sec my kids are for the most park really good kids. (Don’t get me wrong they are still kids - but you get what I mean) than my husband is a dream come true, that supports me and helps me with most anything I need.

But somehow I got to this point where I was feeling a all time low. This low that would last for days. A low where I felt not good enough and at the same time everything around me was also not good enough. The house was never clean enough, we were never doing enough family time, I felt we were all growing apart and not to mention we were also not doing enough school work. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to do what I wanted to do.

Everything felt like it was spinning out of control. But the thing was - it wasn’t! From everyone else’s perspective things were exactly the same. The house was clean, we were still having family dinners and we still were doing school daily.

So, what had changed?

My perspective did! I was getting trapped in the comparison ring. A trap that I didn’t know I was in and a ring that I didn’t know how to fight in.

I had taking breaks from social media on the weekends before no big deal. But never a week or more. But I had seen others do it and knew instantly I needed to take some sizable time off it as well.

That’s what I did the Friday before Fathers Day. I deleted Instagram and Facebook apps off my phone. GONE. Weekend went great. Monday rolled around and my habits of checking Instagram started giving me huge FOMO (fear of missing out). That night I got back on instagram and writing this now I can’t even remember my reasoning on why I told myself it was so important to get the app back. I looked through all that I was fearing I missed through my favorite people through Instastories.

You know what I found?

I didn’t miss anything! Nothing! Some like’s on some post.

I honestly got bored real quick. It was such a letdown and a surprise to me. I soon deleted the app again and it’s now been five days. A full week since the first time I deleted social apps.

It’s has been a good break and my plan is to stay off for about a month. Every once in a while I will get a case of FOMO but I than hug my kid or realize I haven’t picked up my phone in hours and the world around me has not ended.