Freebie Friday "i" or "e"

Teaching my kids to read has become one of my favorite things about homeschooling. However when starting homeschooling I know it was one of my biggest fears. The "how-to?" was daunting! This post does contain affiliate link through out and you can read my disclaimer here.

For my oldest daughter learning how-to read went so fast that it was hard to keep up. Looking back if she struggled I can't remember where? She is a person (like her father - you can't see me but I am giving the eye roll) that if she see's it once she remembers it. It can be frustrating and many days I feel like she could just teach our lessons and my other kids would be just fine.

With my second born, our son it was a whole other story. The story that I fell most of  us homeschool mom's face. He catches on to the letter sounds, but we stayed on three letter words for a long time. Sounding out each letter a couple times before we would blend the sounds together. Now we are doing beginning blends and just finished up ending blends. He is doing so good now and through lots of repetition he reading well.  

We still struggle though and what I felt keep coming up and up again was short vowel sounds. Not all the sounds,  just "i" and "e". He never really would even try to say the "e" sound but always made the short "i" sound. It didn't even occur to me to help him with these two sounds away from our curriculum until I stumbled upon a printable from All About Learning Press.


A "FREE" printable I may add. It is distinguishing between short “i” and “e” for spelling purposes but we used it as sound  recognition. I did take a step further by laminating my sheets and took dollar store velcro rounds and made the letters adhere to the page. For the reasons I wanted it to last through my other kids. It would work just as well if you did not take the extra steps.


 You can find this printable here and many more FREE printables on All About Learning Press website. I would love to hear from you, what are some of your favorite help reading tools?