December Meal Plan

First of all I don’t always meal plan a month a time, but I know this month will be a wee bit crazy busy. Getting our dinners planned with the grocery shopping mostly out of the way, so early in the month, is something that will make this month run much easier. Knowing it was going to be a busy month I also didn't plan for any new meals as well as I planned for meal I know most of my children like. That way I also don't have to hear the grumbling.

I am not a foodie by any means and honestly feel most times eating is such an inconvenience.

Just being honest.

Also I did not plan out our Christmas dinner yet, because most years my husband cooks a roast and we are not sure what we are doing for that day.

The Biggest advice that I have learned is to know what nights are your busy nights and what nights you actually have time to cook dinner. Knowing our weekly rhythms definitely helps me stay on track with our meal plan, because I always have time to make the dinner I planned.

Last thing to remember when thinking of your meal plans. You don’t have to eat what you put on that day if it doesn't sound good. Use your meal plan more of a checklist and know you have those groceries for those meals. There is no meal planning police that will come punish you if you get off track, trust me!

I hope that this give you some ideas in your meals for the month.

Happy Meal Planning

Merry Christmas