A Simple Thanksgiving

My favorite things about the holiday season is slowing down, savoring every moment, doing our traditions, as well as starting new traditions. By definition traditions mean: the handing down of information, beliefs, or customs from one generation to another. As a family that moves kindof a lot we have yet to have a holiday that looks like the last years. We do have things that look the same from year to year but, not much.


Today being Thanksgiving we watch the Macy’s Day Parade or at least part of it every year. Some years we have got together with friend in the morning and played football. Last year I got the chance to do a turkey trot run and we had friends over for dinner.


This year I wanted to all sleep in and I make cinnamon rolls, I ended up making them with Dilynn, Lilly made sausage and eggs with a little help from Ryan. My cinnamon rolls are so good and you can find the recipe here. I have made them in the past and they have come out perfectly. Today however they actually didn’t rise (eye roll) grrr! But ended up pretty tasty - just another thing to add to my grateful list.

For the first time ever we went to the movies. We surprised the kids and saw “Ralph Breaks the Internet” such a funny movie. All the kids enjoyed it! Followed by a quiet time at home, with a game of Mario Gamer Monopoly that I got my butt kick in.

For Turkey dinner we had it at normal dinner time and made it as simple as possible. We got a little turkey breast pre-seasoned and it took less than an hour to cook. A side of corn with bacon in it, mash potatoes, and stuffing. Stouffer's boxed cornbread stuffing of all things.


It was so nice to relax and hang with the family. This has been such a hard month and now it being the holidays my attitude is starting to turn around. I was so proud of myself for not going overboard on food. I was nervous going into the week and honestly feeling really ungrateful for all the things we were not having this Thanksgiving. I didn’t get things for our tablescape, we weren’t with our family, we were not having yams or greens, or even mac and cheese, we ended not schooling Tuesday and Wednesday like I had planned and I just felt a little uneasy going into it Thursday.


However; as I tried to get up and start the cinnamon dough by myself (to have me time), both my older three kids woke up and time started going by fast. Breakfast kept getting pushed back in time. Somehow during it all I started getting gratefuler and gratefuler. I laughed about the dough not rising and watching my wonderful husband cook with daughter - how could it not bring joy to your heart. It was such a great reminder of how simple can be awesome.

No matter how your day ended up I hope it was spent with great company and a grateful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018