Mid week funk

Y’ll I am in such a funk this week. I was on a high Monday from it being the start of Rachel Hollis last 90 days challenge.

Tuesday or yesterday my husband had off and so we did a school morning followed by a fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch.


Today is a whole nother story. I can’t shake it. My mind is wondering from thing A to thing Z. We did a little school. It is usually a co-op day, but we take every seventh week off.

We went to target because well TMI I need some feminine products and that very well be the reason I can’t seem to shake this yucky mental state I am in.

I am also so focused on getting my daily 5 done from the challenge I am getting overwhelmed. Which is silly because the five things are simple and that’s really the reason I decided to do this challenge! I do most of theses things daily anyway.

My conclusion is - it’s straight from the devil! I know that the Holy Spirit lives within me and therefore I have the power of the Holy Spirit. A power that can change lives and generations to come.

I am going to try to remember this as my week goes on. Where ever you are at today I hope it’s a great one and if not take the rest of the day off and try to have some fun. I know that’s what we are going to do. Candy, popcorn and a Holloween movie here we come!

Over and Out