Last 90 days 2018

I am so excited to end the year being my best self and not waiting for the new year. We had homeschool moms need to be on what feels like 24/7. It is so easy to get burnout on our daily todo’s; with house work, being a teacher, juggling being a mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister. You name it we have it going on, all while rarely get a break from others.

Here are the five habits from #msrachelhollis I am going to start doing on a daily basis. I am not waiting for the new year, or circumstances to change I am starting now.

They are so basic but yet I don’t do them all daily. Do you?

1: Get up early, I have been doing this with a system called miracle Morning 😊

2: something I don’t talk about hardly ever, because frankly I stink at it. I have been working out on the regular since July. I am currently going through the program 80 days obsession. Today starts phase two!

3: Water intake is probably the easiest for many people, it by far is the hardest for me to accomplish! This habit however is the one I want to work on the most, because it should be so easy and it is a habit that is so good for you.

4: Give up something 😳 O’ Lord! Well I am telling you this and I want you to hold be accountable. I couldn’t think of a food, I am not a huge sweets person and I have not been eating many carbs lately. I do however love a good beer. Therefor I am giving beer up!!! Yep I said it. It’s not going to be easy with it being the holidays but in order to see change in your life you must first change yourself!

5: Write 10 things you are grateful for. Rachel always says it is impossible to be grateful a don anxious at the same time.

So many of you have messaged me and said you are doing the last 90 day challenge as well: comment below I would love to hear which habit you think will be the hardest for you to do?