2018-2019 Curriculum Choices

This year we went with a lot of new curricula to try. We are now a week in and I couldn't be happier.

Jumping right in I'll show you what I am using with my 3 year old who will be doing preschool. Like many other post this post may contain affiliate links and you can read my disclaimer here.

Dilynn - Preschool:

This age is one of my favorites. I let her do what she wants really when she wants to some degree of course. I also utilize the dollar store a lot at this age as well. No school work is mandatory though.

There does come a time that she would like to continue doing school as I need to work with the big kids and I usually spend Sunday night gathering materials for her work boxes which in-lines with All About Reading Pre-reading and Letter of the Week by Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Our together subjects:

We do a simple morning basket, literature, breakfast bites (which are books I found for each kid that is at grade level from the dollar store) science and history all as a family.

Science we are working through Sonlight Science B and loving it. We started a level or two below where I think we could have, because i felt like I had missing gaps. However with us doing it as a family it works out well. 

For history we chose to go with The Good and The Beautiful year 1.

We also are going through Susan Wise Bauer First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease Level 1.

Austin  - My First Grader:

For math I am trying with him Horizon level 1. This by far is the one subject I am the most nervous about; even though it is first grade I am the one teaching it. Whereas in the past we have always used Math U See and had the video to help teach the lessons.

We are continuing All About Reading Level 1. I added some Primary Phonics that I am having him also do before he starts his reading lesson each day. I am in love with Primary Phonics for the mere fact, it is getting the child to spell out the words that he/she already knows how to read. It really makes for great practice and a good foundation for spelling.

For writing we also went with The Good and The Beautiful and he is starting in level 2.

Lilly - My Third Grader:

Math we are using Teaching Textbooks level 3.

I am finishing up level 3 All About Reading with her that we turned into more of a spelling program as we go (more on that later).

In handwriting she is doing level 4 in The Good and The Beautiful.

We couldn't be more thrilled for the curriculum we chose this year! I would love to hear if you have any experience with any of these and what you love about them.

Remember as you may be choosing curriculum for your children, each family is different and curriculum is meant to be a tool. Not something to control your day!