Any curriculum you use, is suppose to be a tool to HELP you and your family, NOT something that runs your life!


All About Reading

Reading is a big deal in our household. Truthfully because I was not a strong reader as a kid and did not want the same for my children. I had many self conscious feelings when it came to reading. I strongly believe if you can cultivate a love for reading, you are also creating a love for learning and I strongly believe All About Reading does this almost perfectly. It is a fun and engaging program that has everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life! It starts with a pre-reader program and goes all the way to Soar with Reading level 4. Click the picture and you can choose a level or placement test to get started.

Grammar Galaxy: Nebula

A complete elementary language arts curriculum that my kids did truly like. I liked that it only requires one text per family and one Mission Manual (workbook) per student. No teacher manual is required or a ton of extra stuff.

Short, comical stories teach concepts in a memorable way. Students discover the havoc that ensues when the evil Gremlin tampers with the English language. which my son always started laughing and guessing what the evil Gremlin would do next. The royal English children invite your students to become fellow grammar guardians in order to save the galaxy from crises like these. You would read one of the mysteries to their students, discussion questions follow each lesson to check for understanding. Then your students complete a corresponding mission in the mission manual that reinforces the concepts and they feel like they helped stop the Gremlin. Not only are they having fun they are learning as well.

As a parent I appreciated the extra challenges along the way, they were more like a unit review and help me really know if my kid's were comprehending the infomation.  


Always remember the number one hardest thing when it comes to looking at curriculum; THERE IS NO - ONE SHOE FITS ALL!

So PLEASE do what works for you!